The Truth about SPAM Traps: Part 4

email on acid logoIf you discover that you have SPAM traps, your IP address is blocked, and you are quickly looking for the next steps before your company’s quarterly revenue is cut in half, the below information is for you.
The first order of business is to identify the source of the breach and close it up before you do anything else.

5 Tips for Adapting to Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox

email on acid logoGmail introduced the “tabbed inbox” in May of this year, sending shockwaves through the email marketing community.
Yes, change is scary, but don’t panic just yet. Going back to marketing fundamentals will help you adjust to these changes.

Designer Spotlight: Email Monks

email on acid logoHere at Email on Acid we find teamwork to be crucial in our expansive growth in the tech community. Let’s be clear though, when we talk about teamwork, we aren’t just talking about teamwork between our internal co-workers but rather, teamwork throughout the whole tech community to ensure marketers and businesses alike can harness the power of email marketing on a mass scale.
That is why we decided to recognize companies that are absolutely killing it in their creative industry.

7 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

email on acid logoBefore you hit the “send” button on your latest, killer campaign be sure you run through this checklist we compiled of the 7 most commonly made email marketing mistakes. Even the best email marketers can make a simple mistake and end up caught in SPAM filters, or even worse… BLACKLISTED (queue dramatic sound effects).