Access Your Test Results Faster Than Ever Before

email on acid logoOur goal as a self-serve testing platform is to make your life easier, not harder! For that reason we are always on the lookout for your feedback, recommendations and tips on how we can improve your experience. That is why we have enhanced our system by giving you access to your test and archived results faster than ever before!

7 Awe Inspiring Business Advantages of Video Email

email on acid logoVideo has always been the last kid picked for the marketing team, but with the introduction of HTML5 video support he’s grown 4 inches and he’s got a wicked jump shot.
Here are 7 reasons you should consider taking video off the bench to see how it performs in your next campaign.

How can I get the MOST Accurate Results when Testing an Email?

email on acid logo“What gives? My email renders perfectly in my Email on Acid test results but it doesn’t render correctly when I test it in my local email client!”
This is a great question! First, let’s start by covering the most important fact: In order to provide an EXACT representation of your email, we process real screen captures. If you see a discrepancy in our test results, the most common culprit is your Email Service Provider (ESP).
In this article we’ll cover each of your testing options along with our recommendations for getting the most accurate results. 

11 Tips for Integrating Video into Your Email Marketing Efforts

email on acid logoIntegrating video in your email marketing efforts is your next step to better marketing results because you can give a voice and a face to your brand. Over 60% of people said that they preferred video over text when viewing the exact same content, so what are you waiting for? Give the people what they want! Check out this list of 11 creative ways to use video in your email marketing campaigns.