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  • Mind Your Own Beta
    Relative Risk Management
    Mind Your Own Beta
  • Camera Timer DC
    Control your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch cameras
    Camera Timer DC
  • CryptoBuddy
    sightword helper
    CryptoBuddy sightword helper
    secret decoder
    CryptoBuddy secret decoder

Sight Word Helper

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CryptoBuddy's Secret Decoder

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The Dolch Word List is a list of words compiled by Edward Dolch, PhD that are considered the most frequently used English words.
The list contains 220 words, divided into five levels, that can not be easily sounded out and should be learned by sight. The Dolch Word List is often used in educational activities to teach reading to young students. Typically, the teacher provides a list of words that is added to each week throughout the year and the school either provides or parents are instructed to make flashcards to work with their child on recognizing these words.
Cryptobuddy Sight Words Helper for Teachers and Parents is designed to be used to mimic these flashcards. It is intended to be used by the parents working with their children, just as they would with the flashcards. Teachers can update the word list online as they are added to the list in class. Cryptobuddy Sight Words Helper also allows parents to flag words that are difficult for their child, create a custom list by entering their own words, and can play all five of the different levels of the original Dolch Word List.
Coming soon for the iPad Touch and iPhone Details
Category: Education Released: May 15, 2011 Version: 1.0.17 Size: 0.8 MB Language: English Seller: Research Triangle Software, Inc. © Copyright 2011 Research Triangle Software Rated 4+ Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


CryptoBuddy's Secret Decoder App!

Free for a limited time on the iTunes App Store!

The CryptoBuddy Secret Decoder Ring for the iPad uses a character substitution cipher to create a crypto-code that can be sent to your friends.
For example, if you wanted to send your friend a secret message of “HAPPY”, after using the Secret Decoder Ring you would get a code of “YPKKC.” Send this message to your friend and they can use their Secret Decoder Ring to decode the message “HAPPY.” Anyone without the CryptoBuddy Secret Decoder Ring will not be able to decipher the message. CryptoBuddy’s Secret Decoder Ring for iPad uses the same secret character substitution cipher as CryptoBuddy’s Original Secret Decoder Ring, so either version will decipher your message.

LetterMark go mobile™ is now available at the iTunes App Store.


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LetterMark go mobile is the mobile App that lets you email or text your signature information and logo or image. No need for the recipient to have the App. There are free Templates (signature images) available or you can create your own by purchasing a subscription to the Custom Template. Use your own Logo or Selfie from your Camera Roll. LetterMark go mobile uses the standard Messaging Apps that are already on your iPhone or iPad, no need to use a special email or Texting Application to send or receive your Custom Template.

You can download and try the App for free with a sample template. You can then purchase in-App Template groups! If you’re a Non-LetterMark client, you still receive many of the LetterMark features for your iPhone or iPad. Current Template Groups include a Social Media group and a Seasonal Holiday group. Many more will follow.

Current LetterMark users can download LetterMark go mobile as a companion to their robust desktop LetterMark for FREE and have access to all their existing LetterMark templates. visit www.LetterMark.com/gomobile for more information.

Over one billion emails have been sent using LetterMark templates.

Organizations which wish to have their brand or logos added as a Template Group may contact Research Triangle Software to provide details and permission. They may also choose where they would like their template to link back to on their web site or social media.


RTS - Mind Your Own Beta
This App is all about you
and your finances!

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(β) is about relative risk, it is a statistical measure that provides a historical relationship between investment vehicles and portfolios and a market index, MYOBeta uses the S&P500. For example, a portfolio with a Beta 1.2 will likely go up 20% more than the market when the market goes up, but also it means that the portfolio will likely go down 20% more than the market when the market goes down. Lower Betas have less upside and downside volatility. You can control risk by targeting and managing your Beta.





Why Use MYOBeta?

  • To determine what 401k fund you should pick.
  • To determine what risk you need to take for a major purchase.
  • To determine how long your retirement nest egg will last and what can be taken out of it every year, given the risk level of the investments you have selected.
  • Any other goal where you wish to grow, put in or take money out every year.

If you own stock, mutual funds, have an IRA, 401k, or 403b, you are faced with a series of seemingly unanswerable questions about the risk you are taking with your money:

  • What is my emotional capacity for risk?
  • How will I know what risk level is right for me?
  • Won't my risk tolerance change over time and with events?
  • How will I know to make adjustments to my portfolio?
  • Is my description of risk clearly understood by me and my advisors.?

Mind Your Own Beta will provide a real number (Beta) which can be compared to your current investments or help you in selecting your investments, such as which 401k fund is appropriate for you. Virtually all investments have a Beta, so you can match your Beta with the one that is closest to yours. Your results are stored and may be reviewed or sent via email to you or your advisor.You can use the App for two people with an unlimited number of different analysis scenarios. Advisors can use the App and delete clients when they are done to make room for a new client. A Gold version especially for advisors and brokers will be out shortly with addtional features and the ability to store all their clients. Be sure to fully read the disclaimer before doing an analysis.

Mind Your Own Beta was developed from a concept by a Senior Portfolio Manager at a Global Financial Services Firm with 40 years of Financial industry experience.

Camera Timer

Camera TimerDC
iPhone / iPad App

Control your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch cameras with
the Camera TimerDC App!



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  • Start either camera at a specific time.
  • Take as many pictures as you want.
  • Specify the time between the photos from .01 seconds to 24 hours.
  • Take time lapsed or fast action shots.
  • Create a Time Lapse Video from the photos you have taken.
  • Built in optional timer display, sound and time stamp.
  • Only $0.99

The Camera TimerDC iPhone App allows you to control your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch camera. It will let you start your Camera at a specific time. It will allow you to take up to 300 pictures and you may also specify the time between the pictures to be taken. We allow you to set the time between photos from .01 (1/100) of a second to 24 hours. It is the first App to allow this range. Once you have configured the settings, all functions start once you press the camera icon on the lower left hand side of the screen. Be sure to do this before handing the camera to the person taking the pictures or setting on a stand for your Time Lapse sequence. One you have completed taking your photos you may make a Video of them. You may create the Video multiple times varying the time between displaying the shots from between .01 (one tenth of a second) to 10 ( ten seconds). This will allow you to get the effect you want with your Video.


Some practical uses are:

  1. You are traveling and you want someone to take a picture for you. All you need to do is set the parameters you wish and hand your iPhone to the person who will take the picture. All they need to do is hold the camera and frame the shot. The photo(s) will start automatically after the pre-set delay. For example you want a picture of you and your SO or family with a nice landmark as the background.
    Just set the parameters of Camera TimerDC to start in 10 seconds and also to take 3 photos 2 seconds apart.
    Hand your iPhone to the person who will take the picture and tell them that all they need to do is frame the shot. The Camera TimerDC iPhone App will take a picture every 2 seconds after a delay of 10 seconds. So be sure to wait until all the pictures are taken. All 3 pictures will be saved to the camera roll and you can pick the best one or keep all 3.
  2. You want to take some time lapse photos of a flower blooming or the movement of the stars at night. Just set the parameters and place the iPhone in a secure position using one of the many iPhone holders that are available. You may take as many pictures at any interval you want. If it is for an extended period just make sure your iPhone is plugged into a power outlet. For example set the Camera TimerDC parameters to start taking photo in 30 seconds and take a picture every 2 minutes until you take 100 pictures.
  3. You want to create Video of your Time Lapse photos.
  4. You want to take a family or other photo of a group of people and not be excluded from the picture.
    Just set the parameters and put the camera in the proper position to frame the shot. Delay the first photo for enough time to get into the picture yourself. Note: On iOS6 make sure to take one test shot before taking multiple photos, since you will need to grant permission for Camera TimerDC to put photos to the camera roll. If you want to take a photo of a moving object. You may set the interval to less than a second, to capture the effect you want. Since each iPhone, iPad, and iPod have different capabilities and software loaded, you should experiment with the interval to get the desired results. You can use the second hand of a watch to test with to start.

You may find other innovative ways to use the Camera TimerDC iPhone App. If you do please let us know atsupport@rtsz.com or at www.rtsz.com


RTS - Wiley's Colors for Baby


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Wiley's Colors for Baby is the perfect app to help keep your little one entertained in a waiting room, occupied in a line, or just involved and active while spending time with you. Babies as young as six months will be overjoyed when they realize that they can control what happens on the screen. Older toddlers will start to associate the differences in colors and, with your help, start to learn their names. Colors for baby has no controls, except the baby touching the color on the screen. This means the App will never be waiting on a particular option to be pressed by the baby, and the baby can play uninterrupted without having to reset or change options. The changing colors and sounds will delight your baby. This app is not meant as a game to be handed to your baby, but rather as an opportunity for you and your child to sit down together and explore the joy of playing with technology in an age appropriate manner.

Shake My Dice

RTS - Shake My Dice
A Real Game Changer!


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Shake My Dice allows you to roll from one to five dice without the noise or frustration of loosing the dice. Options are provided to adjust the number of dice rolled, the size of the dice and to allow a roll with a double tap instead of just a shake.

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