Camera TimerDC, Camera Delay  for iPad and iPhone
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Camera TimerDC  iPhone / iPad App

Control your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch cameras with the Camera TimerDC App!

• Start either camera at a specific time.

• Take as many pictures as you want.

• Specify the time between the photos from .01 seconds to 24 hours.

• Take time lapsed or fast action shots.

• Built in optional timer display, sound and time stamp.

• Only $0.99

Download Camera TimerDC from Apple's iTunes

The Camera TimerDC iPhone App allows you to control your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch camera.

It will let you start your Camera at a specific time.

It will allow you to take as many pictures as you want and you may also specify the time between the pictures to be taken. We allow you to set the time between photos from .01 (1/100) of a second to 24 hours. It is the first app to allow this range.

Once you have configured the settings, all functions start once you press the camera icon on the lower left hand side of the screen. Be sure to do this before handing the camera to the person taking the pictures.

Some practical uses are:

  1. You are traveling and you want someone to take a picture for you. All you need to do is set the parameters you wish and hand your iPhone to the person who will take the picture. All they need to do is hold the camera and frame the shot. The photo(s) will start automatically after the pre-set delay. For example you want a picture of you and your SO or family with a nice landmark as the background.

    Just set the parameters of Camera TimerDC to start in 10 seconds and also to take 3 photos 2 seconds apart.

    Hand your iPhone to the person who will take the picture and tell them that all they need to do is frame the shot. The Camera TimerDC iPhone App will take a picture every 2 seconds after a delay of 10 seconds. So be sure to wait until all the pictures are taken. All 3 pictures will be saved to the camera roll and you can pick the best one or keep all 3.

  2. You want to take some time lapse photos of a flower blooming or the movement of the stars at night.

    Just set the parameters and place the iPhone in a secure position using one of the many iPhone holders that are available.

    You may take as many pictures at any interval you want. If it is for an extended period just make sure your iPhone is plugged into a power outlet.

    For example set the Camera TimerDC parameters to start taking photo in 30 seconds and take a picture every 2 minutes until you take 100 pictures.

  3. You want to take a family or other photo of a group of people and not be excluded from the picture. Just set the parameters and put the camera in the proper position to frame the shot. Delay the first photo for enough time to get into the picture yourself.

    Note: On iOS6 make sure to take one test shot before taking multiple photos, since you will need to grant permission for Camer TimerDC to put photos to the camera roll.

  4. You want to take a photo of a moving object. You may set the interval to less than a second, to capture the effect you want. Since each iPhone, iPad, and iPod have different capabilities and software loaded, you should experiment with the interval to get the desired results. You can use the second hand of a watch to test with to start.

  5. You may find other innovative ways to use the Camera TimerDC iPhone App. If you do please let us know at or at