Email on Acid has moved to a new, swanky location

email on acid logoEmail testing has found a new home.
Drum roll please…
We are proud to announce that Email on Acid has FINALLY made the move into our brand new, stunning office space! We landed some prime real estate in the Tech Center of Denver Colorado (designed and built from scratch!) and we couldn’t be more excited about the finished product.

12 Techniques for Excellent Emails in

email on acid logoSince Microsoft migrated all of their users from the old Hotmail platform, has grown by leaps and bounds. Despite the facelift, Hotmail and are almost identical under the hood. This tricky client is still giving everybody a run for their money.
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9 Ways to Prevent Yahoo! Headaches

email on acid logoYahoo! Mail is a popular web-based email client. Most problems with this client are caused by remnants of Yahoo! Shortcuts. This infuriating feature turned random keywords into advertisement links. We give kudos to Yahoo! for removing it, but it seems to have some lingering aftereffects.
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7 Time-Saving Tricks for Lotus Notes 6.5, 7, 8 and 8.5

email on acid logoWe know how difficult it can be coding for this client, but it might not be as old as you think. Though some call it a dinosaur, Lotus Notes 6.5 came out in 2003, with a new version every couple of years after that.
The real problem with Lotus Notes isn’t its age; it’s the quirky rendering delivered by this client. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.
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The Truth about SPAM Traps: Part 4

email on acid logoIf you discover that you have SPAM traps, your IP address is blocked, and you are quickly looking for the next steps before your company’s quarterly revenue is cut in half, the below information is for you.
The first order of business is to identify the source of the breach and close it up before you do anything else.