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We thought we would do you a solid and sift through the blogosphere to find the most informative, actionable and insightful posts out there on email. That’s right, a blog about blogs. We’re so meta! After finding some duds, we compiled an exhaustive list of the email blogs that really take the cake. We broke down this list into 5 sub-categories so you can easily navigate by your interest:

Sit back, get comfy and freshen up that cup of joe as you check out our list of 22 email blogs that are absolutely crushing it.

Email Marketing Strategies

HubSpot Inbound Hub

HubSpot is a world leading inbound marketing and sales platform with over 10,000 customers in 65 countries. Their blogs fall into 4 categories (marketing, sales, insiders and opinion) and we are of course keen on their HubSpot Inbound Hub that touches on everything marketing. HubSpot Inbound Hub is our go-to site for email inspiration and fresh, new blog topics. They even have a killer tool called the Blog Topic Generator that thinks of blog ideas for you! HubSpot always has a clever take on trending marketing news and can turn the dullest blog topic into a fabulous post that is an insightful and intriguing read.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a fabulous ESP that makes it easy for you to attract new subscribers, send them gorgeous emails and see in-depth reporting on your marketing efforts. Their blog consists of 6 sections: The Latest, Behind the Scenes, Observations & Answers, New Features & Updates, Interviews & Buzz and Tips & Resources. With this kind of organization and breakdown, you can scroll through email topics with ease and bounce from checking out SPAM tips to reading an interview about email community champion Mar J. Reeves all in one place. Learn how to build a better email by subscribing to their list today!

Email Vendor Selection

Email Vendor Selection is a fantastic resource on email marketing and Marketing Automation technology. Jordie van Rijn of emailmonday is the Founder and Chief Editor and has over 13 years of experience in the industry. As we know, email marketing tools are a critical factor in achieving success via this beloved channel. The site goes into all the ins and outs of selecting and evaluating ESPs with over 200 articles on the subject. Be sure and check out their list with all email services and tools so you can make your ESP decision with ease.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact offers an easy and affordable way to reach your customers with email marketing. Their blog is always loaded with fresh insights and their posts cover everything from email strategies for SMB’s all the way to executing killer campaigns on a global scale. Constant Contact recently published a blog on 10 Ways to Market Your Small Business on a Shoestring Budget. Be sure and give that article a glance if you are marketing with SMBs. Constant Contact’s blog touches on more than just email, though, by providing buckets of information on social media and brand loyalty. With over 465,000 people subscribed to their newsletter, it’s safe to say they have a following in the world of email. 

Movable Ink

Movable Ink helps marketers create personal experiences on a massive scale. They do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, they concentrate on creating one-on-one interactions between a brand and their customers. Movable Ink’s blog gives the latest email news, research and best practices in the industry. They also do a great job of giving kudos to their fellow marketers by hosting an “Emails We Love” and “Campaign of the Week” section on their blog. We all love a friendly shout out, so Movable Ink, here is yours!

Copy Blogger

CopyBlogger started as a one-man blog in 2006 on a mission to teach people how to create killer content. Their blog is absolutely stellar because it is full of free educational content to hone your skills. CopyBlogger’s articles offer valuable marketing insight with a fresh outlook so you can figure out how to craft marketing content that reaches your audience on a personal level. A fan favorite is How to Turn Bland Text into Sparkling Online Content. Trust us, it’s worth a read. There’s always room to sharpen your writing skills, so visit their blog to get some killer content tips.


More than 5 million people use MailChimp to create, send, and track email newsletters. MailChimp is a brilliant ESP that not only deploys your emails, but gives you in-depth insight into how successful your send was through their impressive analytics. Their blog is always on point, delivering innovative email articles on the latest trends like AOL’s change in their DMARC policy as well as posts with helpful email hacks. They also do a brilliant job of compiling email reports to uncover current trends and shed light upon what is working now in email.

Email Critic

Email Critic really does live up to their motto by giving “the bloody truth about email marketing.” This blog was created by the founder of Indiemark, Scott Hardigree, and all the posts are compiled from a group of email critics whose titles vary from “Project Manager at iContact” to “VP of Creative Service at Inbox Group.” Email Critic does a fantastic job of uncovering what is working in email and what is not by breaking down campaigns like Virgin Mobile’s to uncover fantastic marketing gems. If you want to see major Fortune 500 email campaigns dissected by pros in our industry, be sure and check out this blog.

Email Audience

Email Audience is a great site where you can find quality information on the different facets of email. This blog is innovative because it’s a platform that any savvy email marketer can contribute to. You can chime in at any time by posting a comment, tip or a hot article of your very own. If you want to stay in the loop with the latest email marketing articles and share your wealth of knowledge with your peers, check out this site as it will not disappoint.


dotMailer brings scalable email marketing solutions to companies around the globe. Their email-centric blog is a fantastic resource to use when you are in need of some email inspiration or need to beef up on the trending industry news. dotMailer does a killer job of delivering educational articles succinctly and often has great supporting information in their posts like this awesome infographic. Whether it is list hygiene or breaking email news, dotMailer has you covered.

eCRM & Email Marketing Blog

The eCRM & Email Marketing Blog is run by Tamara Gielen and Kathy Pay who have over 15 years of email experience. Email marketing tips and trends are constantly evolving and these two gals make it their mission to stay on top of what is working in our industry. Tamara and Kathy cover absolutely everything email by blogging about deliverability, email tactics, landing pages, list management, and email design… and that is only to name a few! They also do a great roundup of their favorite marketing reads so you can leverage their list in a jiffy. Visit their blog if you want tremendous email content that can boost your bottom line.

Email Statistics, Analytics and Reports

Email Marketing Reports

Email Marketing Reports is a fantastic resource hub with hundreds of email reports and benchmarking statistics. Whether you are a small business or a globally traded company, Email Marketing Reports has all of the stats you need to improve your email marketing efforts. Their wealth of reports cover basic email fundamentals to advanced marketing strategies across multiple platforms. Some of our favorite articles are animated gifs in email and how to get the click. Visit their blog to see for yourself!


KISSmetrics is a revolutionary person-based analytics platform. Their analytics are crazy good and tie real people to your data so you can finally know what your customer really wants. Their blog keeps you up-to-date on the newest findings regarding email testing and analytics. They are constantly publishing new work so you can find a variety of test results from landing page conversions to mobile email design. Their article on 67 Tools that Will Help You Grow Your Email list is super helpful when you are just entering the world of email metrics. If you want to start measuring what matters, this blog will be your one-stop-shop to uncover what business metrics you need to be tracking and testing.

MarketingExperiments BLOG

MarketingExperiments BLOG are experts on conducting experiments to optimize the marketing and sales cycle. This blog has accumulated an extensive amount of research over the years to uncover what really works in marketing. Their blog is always overflowing with helpful findings like their article on Landing Page Optimization: Multi-product page increases 70%. Their forum is a fantastic place where marketers can exchange ideas within the community! If you want to get your hands dirty in a pile of analytics to uncover what really motivates your audience, be sure and check out their experiments.

Email Developer Tips and Tricks

Email Wizardry

Email Wizardry is a fantastic blog authored by Nicole Merlin, an email designer and developer from Melbourne, Australia. Nicole lives and breathes email and blogs about email code, design, strategy, and templates. She also displays great examples of email in the real world on her blog. Her article on The Future of Media Queries for Email is inspired! If you needs tips and tricks to master the world of HTML email, be sure and take a look at her latest feats of digital sorcery.

Email on Acid

We don’t want to pat ourselves on the back too hard, but we wanted to throw our name into the ring. Our blog is loaded with educational material about responsive design along with tricks and hacks to ensure your email looks stellar in every inbox. We also post frequently with tips on optimizing your campaigns through email analytics and marketing strategies. Check out some of our most popular blogs below:

  1. Free Responsive Email Template – Part I
  2. 3 Ways to Remove Unwanted Gaps Between Tables in Outlook 2007 and 2010
  3. Strange Horizontal Spacing in Outlook 2007 and 2010
  4. The Importance of Content-Type Character Encoding in HTML Emails
  5. 7 Tips and Tricks Regarding Margins and Padding in HTML Emails


ExactTarget is the world’s most powerful 1:1 digital marketing platform, allowing you to create personalized marketing experiences with your customer. ExactTarget’s blog offers insight into email, mobile, social media, web, and cross-channel marketing. They also have fantastic tips on how to optimize your HTML email to stay at the top of your game. They just started on a new series on Email File Size Guidelines and we can’t wait for part 3 to come out. This blog has a huge breadth of knowledge when it comes to digital marketing so check ‘em out.

Email Design

Style Campaign

Style Campaign is an email creative agency that specializes in optimizing your email across desktop, tablet and mobile. They craft beautifully designed emails for their clients, always with performance-driven metrics at the center of their design. Their blog is full of superb design tips to optimize your email for every platform. Other design topics include posts in 3D, animated emails, email footer fetishes, mobile emails, preview panes and html in emails. Their content never disappoints so be sure and visit the blog for design tips and inspiration.

Email Monks

Email Monks is a company devoted to designing and coding beautiful email templates. Their fresh email templates are customized to fit your company’s specific requirements and brand guidelines. Heck, we like Email Monks so much we even featured them in our Designer Spotlight. Email Monks blog touches on email delivery, design, marketing and testing to help you create the most responsive and sleek templates on the block. If you need some marvelous email inspiration or designer tips, be sure and check out their blog on Heavenly Email & Newsletter Inspiration – A collection of 100+ beautifully designed campaigns!

Email Design Review

Email Design Review is hosted by Action Rocket, a company that designs user focused emails. They create engaging messages with fantastic designs that will put you at the top-of-mind with your audience. Their blog focuses on designer tips and HTML tricks like their How to: HTML5 in Email. Their fresh perspective of email on the mobile world is clear and on-point. Give their blog a glance to find how you can reach your customer with a beautifully designed, responsive template.

Email Deliverability

Return Path

Return Path has a world of email intelligence at their fingertips. Their platform uses data and insight to help businesses around the globe improve their email ROI and deliverability. Return Path’s blog touches on email security, engagement, deliverability, best practices, phishing, optimization, sender reputation and Anti-Spam policies. Their take on when email marketers should give up on inactive customers was a pretty interesting read that may surprise you. Visit their blog today to ensure your email doesn’t get trapped in quarantine by those pesky SPAM filters.

New School Marketing Blog

The New School Marketing blog is hosted by Oracle Responsys who offers modern marketing solutions that personalize interactions across email, mobile, social, display advertising and the web. They do a great job of touching on where we are in marketing and also where we are going. The New School Marketing Blog has an emphasis on email deliverability and also touches on the marketing cloud, cross-channel marketing, display advertising, email strategy and social media. If you need information on how to craft a successful digital campaign from start to finish, the New School Marketing Blog is for you.

Did we miss anything?

We love collaboration and team work within the tech community. If you have come across blogs that are insightful and relevant, give us a shout below and we’ll consider adding them to this list!

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