ExactTarget Connections 2014 Was a Blast!

Geoff Phillips | 2014-10-03T14:00:36+00:00 | email on acid logo

We’re finally getting back into the groove of things after having an epic time at Exact Target’s Connections 2014 last week. On top of hearing killer presentations from digital marketing industry giants like John Green, we got to meet a lot of happy customers at our booth and I even got to do some in-person email troubleshooting!

Daniel Puckett, our head of Sales & Business Development, gave an excellent presentation on how Email on Acid can help build the perfect email. It was so well attended that people were tweeting for more space!

For our CEO, seeing Will.i.am was a big highlight of the conference. And no, I don’t just mean seeing him perform. Will stopped by our booth just long enough for a photo! Thanks Will.i.am!

We also had a good time playing beer pong with other conference goers during social hour. Personally, I love to try for a bounce shot, but Dan’s wicked fast bear paw crushed all my dreams.

We gave away a lot of awesome EOA swag, including a ton of t-shirts. We love seeing people who are happy to wear our EOA threads!

Amidst all the socializing and fun, I did have a bit of time to attend some break out sessions. I particularly enjoyed the session on “How the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Uses Email.” They went into detail about Spark, their inspirational/informational newsletter. You can sign up for it here if you’re curious. It’s a space for ExactTarget to engage with marketers and share information about the latest trends and techniques. On top of that, the Spark email is cutting edge in its design.

The team spent a lot of time talking about the importance of testing. They covered segmentation, CTA A/B testing, landing page tactics and their own in-house process for gathering and using analytics from these emails. I thought it was interesting that some of the designs or features they tested only ran for a few emails before a decision was made to keep them or remove them. They said a testing period could last anywhere from a week to a few months. It’s exciting that email development can be so agile!

The most interesting takeaway I had from this session was about making use of analytics. One of the speakers said that as they keep an eye on their analytics, they look for a plateau in the numbers. Seeing your opens or click-throughs reach a certain point and then stop their growth might seem worrying. Instead, see this as confirmation that you’ve been doing a great job, but also a warning that now is the time to switch things up. Try a new strategy, add or remove some content from your email, or see if you can refine your segmentation. Breaking through that plateau will only make your campaign stronger.


What was your takeaway from ETC 2014? Let us know in the comments below!

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