Ros Hodgekiss | 2014-04-09T05:34:39+00:00 | Campaign Monitor

One column, Types, Announcement

You’ve probably received a few emails today regarding The Heartbleed Bug today, from apps and companies warning you to change your passwords or patch your kit. What makes this one from FoxyCart special? First of all, they’ve used dynamic content to very slightly change the message, based on whether you’re a customer or not. Secondly, the one-column, responsive and easily-scannable layout makes it possible to read this message easily on almost any device. Finally, they’ve linked through to detailed information on what the vulnerability is and how FoxyCart customers can remain safe.

This timely, non-alarmist about email is a great example of how companies can be open and approachable to their customers, even when the news isn’t totally positive.

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