Infusionsoft Split Testing via Parsey

Jarrod Morris | Tue, 25 Nov 2014 17:37:26 +0000 | Marketing Mavens

Infusionsoft Split Testing

A couple of years ago we built an Infusionsoft split testing tool to help users tweak and improve the conversions they were getting out of legacy follow-up sequences. The tool was quickly pulled down as we were bumping into limitations with the Infusionsoft API, not to mention the new Campaign Builder was launched around that same time. Leading up to it’s release I had recorded a video on how to do this manually:

Manually. We hate that word. Every software application we’ve ever released, fights against “manual”. So now with an improved API and a killer platform [parsey], we’re at it again. In the following video I show you how to easily and automatically split test any sequence from with in Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder.

If you’re short on time and just want to skip to the part where I show you the Parsey configuration (approximately 2 minutes), skip forward to 6:26. If you’re newer to the concept of split testing, or if you want to hear our take on some of the concepts and thought processes behind optimizing a funnel, start at the very beginning of the video.

Infusionsoft Split Testing

This is just phase 1. We realize there’s so much more we can build out. As we see users implement this feature we’ll develop it further as we field feedback from our users. What questions or comments do you have related to Infusionsoft split testing? Feel free to add your ideas or comments in the comment box below.

In our next post we’ll circle back on reporting and how to tell which emails (not just sequences) but the individual emails that are performing best so you can create a killer campaign that converts like crazy. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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