New Features in our February Release

Geoff Phillips | 2014-02-04T17:11:25+00:00 | email on acid logo

We kicked off 2014 right and made some killer enhancements that will make Email on Acid better than ever. We’ve implemented tweaks across the board by ramping up everything from analytics to data storage.

Autoprocess – Now Available for API Customers

This feature has been very popular with our front-end users, and now we’re making it available for API customers too. Testing doesn’t get any easier than simply hitting ‘send.’ Check out our blog on how to use autoprocess through our site, and this blog on why autoprocess produces the most accurate results possible.

Compare Multiple Campaigns in Email Analytics

Are you wondering how last year’s Christmas campaign compared to this years’? How this month’s newsletter did compared to last month’s? Now you can easily compare two or more campaigns against each other. If you haven’t been taking benchmarking information down, this is a good time to start. For instance, if you make the switch to responsive design, you can take a look and see if it improved engagement with mobile device users. You can also use this to aid your A/B testing efforts. Try formulating two different subject lines for the same email, then comparing your “A” campaign to your “B” campaign to see what gets you the most bang for your buck.

This image shows a comparison of two campaigns.

This image shows a comparison of multiple campaigns read time fall off.

Safer Data Storage

We understand that email projects come and go, that’s why we are keeping all your data safe in the interim. Even if your account becomes suspended (usually due to an expired credit card) our system will KEEP tracking your analytics data. As soon as the account’s subscription is valid again, all of your data will be at your fingertips.

Email Previews Now Display Bounce Messages

When you run an Acid Test, we now return bounce messages from the email client if they couldn’t process your email. Previously, we had not returned a result at all, which could be confusing. Now you’ll be able to know that Yahoo! bounced your email because of a content issue. This should clear up a lot of confusion and make it easier for users to identify potentially devastating email errors.

Special Characters in Subject Lines are Now Supported

That’s right! You can now test emails with foreign characters or special ASCII characters. Go ahead and test your out!

We hope you like the new enhancements! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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