Open Rate Optimization: Building a Quality Email List

Mallory Mongeon | 2014-02-10T17:00:45+00:00 | email on acid logo

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We have wrapped up our series on optimizing your opens and compiled our findings into one, downloadable marketing guide!

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Opens are the ‘Top Funnel’ of Email Metrics

We call it the ‘top funnel’ because open rates have a domino effect on the rest of your email metrics. If no one opens your email, all your other metrics (like CTR) will suffer. The Radicati Group created a 2013 Email Statistics report that stated, “The majority of email traffic comes from business emails, which accounts for over 100 billion emails sent and received per day.” As these number grow each year, so does the pressure to keep your open rates up and your subscribers (and boss) happy. When waves of business emails are crashing down on your subscribers every day, what can you do to ensure your email gets opened? There are a ton of elements you can vary to try to entice your readers, so that’s why we are breaking up this topic into a series of blogs with tips to optimize your open rates! We’re starting this marketing guide by focusing on list building to get in front of your customer and make sure your message is heard.

Check out the list below to see what topics we will covered in the marketing guide for Open Rate Optimization!

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