Our LetterMark and CryptoLock products have been used by companies successfully year after year. The LetterMark™ system adds branding, web-integration and enhanced contact information to your daily email. CryptoLock Encryption Software provides quick and easy encryption for all of your files.

LetterMark Email has become a key component of our firm’s marketing strategy. We are now communicating our firm’s messages more effectively by adding website interactivity and information convenience to the recipients of the thousands of emails our attorneys send every day.”



“My favorite USB drive is now the CryptoStick, sold by Research Triangle Software, Inc. The slick aluminum case of the drive is just too cool. More important, the encryption works: filenames and directory structure are still in clear (text), but the file content becomes a meaningless jumble, as it should. Even if you are not paranoid, CryptoStick is an effective protection from embarrassing disclosures both of business and personal data. Give it a try.” MARIO APICELLAI