The BEST Email Marketing Advice in One Sentence

Mallory Mongeon | 2014-08-04T15:02:20+00:00 | email on acid logo

As marketers, we strive to be concise with our words. We tend to follow the K.I.S.S principle (keep it simple, silly) in our marketing copy because the average attention span was clocked in at 8 seconds. Because of this, email marketers are constantly striving to use just enough words to get the point across, but no more!

However, we don’t hold the same sentiment when we TALK about marketing with our peers. Some of us can go on for days (don’t worry, I’m guilty of this too) when it comes to list segmentation or deliverability issues. That is why I found a discussion Cyndie Shaffstal started in the Email Marketing Gurus group on LinkedIn so fascinating when she asked,

“In just one sentence, what is your best email-marketing advice?”

One sentence?! That blew my mind. The thought of trying to summarize email marketing in just one sentence got my palms all sweaty. So I decided to compile the best advice from the top email marketing aficionados that contributed to her spirited query in this blog.

Check out the 17 BEST one sentence email marketing tips (in no particular order) below:

Now it’s your turn!

Now that you’ve sifted through our faves, you’re up! Comment below and share your best marketing gems.

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