The Importance of Email Testing

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A silly mistake like a typo in the copy or directing your audience to the wrong landing page could have a devastating effect on your ROI. To avoid wasting loads of money you poured into your email, most email marketers have some sort of pre-send checklist so they don’t get egg on their face. Unfortunately though, some marketers are still missing a critical step when check-listing their email.

The overlooked, yet mission critical step is failing to thoroughly test their email campaign across multiple email clients and mobile devices, in order to identify and fix rendering issues before they send.

Are you making an epic fail when email testing?

Many marketers do ad-hoc testing on just a couple clients or devices. Maybe they pop off a quick test to their account and their iPhone, and call it good. They blithely hit send, oblivious to the fact that their email had Unwanted Gaps in Outlook or that Gmail is clipping their email. That’s why testing email campaigns in a variety of clients and devices before sending is crucial to the success of the email campaigns.

Marketers, designers and developers alike may be asking, “Why would the same HTML look gorgeous in one client but screwy in another?”

Because every email client’s rendering machine is NOT created equal.

Almost every email client displays HTML differently because each client has its own unique way it interprets your HTML. That is why your HTML code can get all jacked up in different email clients even though that very same code looks like pixel perfection in another inbox. For example, your text could be left justified in Outlook but look beautiful in your Gmail client.

Failing to test can cost ya’ a big chunk of change.

If you don’t test to diagnose coding and deliverability issues before you send, your marketing ROI could take a major hit. Let’s break the repercussions of not testing down in monetary terms.

Say you have a list of 50,000 subscribers and you just sent out your email campaign promoting your hottest, newest feature that was estimated to bring in $10,000 in new sales. Yesmail reported that 30% of consumers now read their email exclusively on mobile devices and if you sent an email that looks like crap on an iPhone, that means 15,000 people on your list are looking at a janky email. If 15,000 people are looking at your broken email and wondering if you’re a credible company, you have the potential to lose $3,000 out of the $10,000 you predicted for revenue.

It’s not just mobile that could hurt your bottom line by screwing up your code. Certain email clients (Outlook, I’m looking at you) can have tons of bugs and glitches that turn your beautiful email into an ugly disaster. Outlook has a huge stake in the email market share and let’s say 18% of your audience reads their email in Outlook. If you forgot to code your email knowing that Outlook creates unwanted gaps in your email, you could potentially lose $1,800 in your estimated ROI. This translates into an automatic $4,800 flushed down the toilet, all because you failed to properly test your email!

Below is proof that even bigwigs like Google sometimes fail to properly test their email, and the results can be ugly.

The tedious task of manually testing your email.

If you wanted to create your own testing suite you’d have to spend weeks creating new accounts in email clients like Lotus Notes, Outlook, Gmail, Office 365,, Thunderbird, AOL, Apple Mail, and so on! Then, imagine how long it would take to log into every single client/device/account and review the emails. Sharing these previews and troubleshooting wouldn’t be a walk in the park either. On top of that, you would have to pour THOUSANDS of dollars into buying all the Kindles, Androids, and iPhones needed to exhaustively test your email on mobile devices (One iPad Air will cost ya’ $449, ugh).

This makes designing, developing and testing HTML emails seem like a herculean task. Properly testing your email campaigns on a comprehensive set of clients and devices doesn’t have to be so difficult! With Email on Acid you can ensure your email looks perfect in every client and device in 5 minutes or less.

Email testing and tracking made easy.

We get that designing and deploying pixel perfect emails can be a major time suck. Our mission is to give email marketers and developers back their time, money and perhaps their sanity by offering the most comprehensive, collaborative and innovative set of email tools to build the perfect email campaign.

With Email on Acid you can see EXACTLY how your emails will look in 70+ email clients and mobile devices so you can fix any rendering issues BEFORE you send.

Click here to get a look at some sample test results! 

EOA’s test results are delivered directly to your personal email so you can quickly jump into our platform and peruse your previews!

On top of being able to sift through all your test results with ease, we also provide you with vertical AND horizontal mobile views. Drag, slide, and rotate your email just like you would when viewing it in the actual device – no paging, no repeating headers! That’s 4 screen captures for each rotating device:

  • Vertical with images enabled (default)
  • Vertical with image blocking
  • Horizontal with images enabled
  • Horizontal with image blocking

Not only do we generate the fastest results in the industry but we also offer SPAM filter checks, analytics and Mozify.

Tap into our library of client quirks and fixes!

At EOA, we don’t just show you a problem in your preview and leave you with nothing to combat the issue. Since 2008 we’ve documented tons of quirky issues that might be encountered when developing your HTML email. Fixes and workaround solutions are provided for each individual client, all from within your test result window!

Our platform is not the only place to go if you have coding questions. Over the years we have built up a killer community of email marketers, coders and designers that live and breathe email. Blog comments and forum posts offer an interactive place to go and figuratively stand around the water cooler talking about email code and quirky clients.

Here are some of our most popular resources (for FREE!):

Above is a common quirk we’ve documented: when Gmail cuts off your emails.

We also post to our blog weekly with email tips and tricks covering topics like How Email File Size Affects Deliverability and how to Kickstart your Click-Throughs with CSS3 Animation. It’s our job to stay on top of coding issues and the newest client oddities so you don’t have to!

If you still cannot find a fix for your particular problem, post your issue (with an example of the code) in our forum and our community will take note and help you out.

Try us Free!

Every email client displays HTML differently so testing isn’t a convenience, it’s a necessity. Try the cheapest and fastest email previews, and analytics available to take your marketing to the next level, free for 7 days!

Do you have any email rendering horror stories you’d like to share? Comment below and share your fix.

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