Version 5.0 Teaser: New User Interface!

Geoff Phillips | 2014-10-22T14:45:02+00:00 | email on acid logo

We’ve been hard at work for months now improving our user interface, and today we’re as giddy as a schoolboy to share a sneak peek at what we’re brewing!

You asked. We listened. We built it just for you.

Our main goal was to make finding and viewing tests as easy and fast as possible. To this end, we have created a new and innovative way to view your dashboard. In addition to the grid view you’re used to, you’ll now be able to view tests in an inbox format. On the left you’ll see a list of all of your most recent tests. On the right, you’ll be able to see a preview of what the test results look like as well as access code analysis, deliverability reports, sharing, the CSS inliner and more.

This means that you’ll no longer have to log into test after test, looking for the one you actually wanted. Want to see the full screenshot? Just click on any of the thumbnails to go directly into your test results.

We also wanted to make the site easier to navigate as a whole. We’ve added a collapsible left navigation menu to the site so that you’re only 1 click away from anything you want.

The menu collapses down to just icons when it’s not in use. We want our users to have as much screen real estate as possible to view their test results and analytics campaigns. When collapsed, the icons will still be accessible so that you can istantly move from the Email Optimizer to your test results. Yahtzee!

We also wanted to consolidate some of the disparate elements of our site. We took all of our settings pages, and combined them into a single, easy to use page. We hope that these changes make for a significant improvement in the user experience so email testing is less of a headache.

Participate in the Beta!

Want to experience the new UI? Would you like to have your voice heard as we implement the new look and tools? 5.0 will be available to all subscribers starting on 11/11/2014. Just log in and you’ll be able to switch between the new and old looks. Please don’t be shy about hitting that “Feedback” button, we really want to hear what you think!

Stay tuned because we’ll be posting more about two new features that will be released along with our new UI as part of version 5.0!

What do you guys think of the changes that we’ve posted so far? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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